After Ronaldo’s attempted betrayal, Georgina shut everyone up (Photo)

A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo was rumored for an “attempted betrayal” against the girlfriend and mother of his daughter, model Georgina Rodriguez.

A message was circulated in the British media, where according to the information, he was sent by the footballer himself to an engaged model, Rhian Sugden, as he asked the latter to call him in private as he was only in a hotel

But while the Portuguese star himself has not made any reaction regarding this event, his partner on the other hand has continued to publish some family photos on social networks.

The beauty recently posed with her daughter and Ronaldo’s twins, as they are seen spending time together in a corner of their home.

It seems that this has been a response to all those who alluded that there could be a serious quarrel between the couple over the aforementioned case.

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