Did Cristiano Ronaldo betray his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez?

Cristiano Ronaldo has settled in Manchester with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. However, a model named Natacha Rodrigues has claimed to have slept with the footballer after he had met Georgina.

She said she slept with Ronaldo a few years ago, just when she met his current girlfriend, in 2017. She has also warned Georgina to keep an eye on him, as she can do the same in any time.

Speaking to The Sun, Natacha has claimed that Ronaldo blocked him on all social media platforms after what happened, as it took him four years to overcome it. She went on to add that he threw her like a ‘brick’, as footballers like him get a lot of attention with the beautiful girls around.

Recalling the day she slept with him, Natacha claimed it was 1am when she sent her back photo, and he responded at 6am as things escalated. She also sent him a video doing twerk and he claimed he loved her buttocks and wanted to see her in person.

The day she visited Ronaldo at his Lisbon apartment, she said he was sweet and made her feel at home while her heart was pounding. It was then that they sat down next to each other, drinking a drink, while she talked about herself before showing him her backside.

After the incident, Ronaldo sent her a message, saying that he liked her and would meet her again, except that he had asked her to keep it a secret. However, shortly thereafter, he blocked it from anywhere

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